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Development of critical thinking and criteria by boosting the skills of decoding media messages among pedagogues


About This Course

The course is dedicated to the development of mass media literacy skills, decoding media messages and the application of didactic media through the presentation of mass media and audience theories from the advent of radio, television, to the era of the Internet and converged meta/hyper mass media.

What do schools and universities teach young people, and what do social networks teach? What effect do the positive and/or negative connotations of the mass media have on social behavior? What are the most dominant and educational mass media elements and tools? This interactive course provides possible answers to these and many other questions, emphasizing the development of critical thinking as key to the proper use of media in the field of pedagogy.

Media pedagogy starts from the observation and interpretation of given or emerging constructions of reality, which originate from the media on the one hand, and from the users on the other. Media pedagogy refers to the totality of pedagogically relevant, practically oriented, considerations of mass media content and messages.

Through this course, participants will learn about possible answers to questions regarding the influence of modern mass media, as well as how important it is for educators to build criteria for selecting media tools that would be useful for developing criteria for studens.

Theories we will deal with include: passive audience theory, use and gratification theory, cultivation theory, active audience theory, preactive metamedia authorship theory, etc. The aim of the course is to look at the broader picture that includes the concept of media pedagogy from media criticism to its application as an auxiliary pedagogical tool.


Elementary knowledge of the content of modern mass media - radio and television formats (public service, commercial media); basic media literacy; knowledge of working and using the Internet, basic digital literacy.

Course Staff

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PhD Marija Karan

Multitasking persona, broadcast media and music industry professional. Experienced and skilled in music and mass media consulting, marketing, editing and directing, journalism, PR, organization. Voice-over artist. Experienced Communications Coordinator/Assistant to CEO in MNC. Ph.D. in Theory of Arts and (Mas)Media. Associate Professor at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade (Music and Media; Management of media and music production; Public Relations) and University of Arts in Belgrade (Theory of Arts and Meda).